my fav part of gotg was when peter quill told that alien girl “i honestly forgot you were even here.”

it’s like james gunn was talking directly to me, a girl in the audience who was trying to enjoy the media he…

The summation of your problem with this is: they havent made the Black Widow movie yet.
The GotG IP is based on a couple of stories from the 70’s (ish I think), where both runs were made up of teams with a male main lead, and a team of 3-4 others who were predominantly male (Groot is technically asexual). Until Marvel makes new IPs, or gender-bends their existing ones, the movies are going to be male dominated. So, until the Black Widow or She-Hulk is made, you won’t see a female dominated movie, you just won’t as long as their movies are based on classics.
Now, just about this movie; you said it yourself, Quill is not sexist throughout the rest of the movie. In fact, he isn’t sexist at all. He never assumes any of the females are stupid, incapable, weak or lesser than him in any way.
What he does have a problem with is relationships. All of them. If a dude had popped up he would have had the same response. Quill betrayed the Ravagers, his only family at this point, he refuses to form relationships with Gamora, Rocket, Groot, or Drax except on a short term as-needed basis. He is shitty to everyone.
Also, the moment his dick leaves a female’s genitalia, they don’t vanish from his mind. When he went to get the orb at the beginning he didn’t know it was going to be guarded, he didn’t know he was going to run for his life. I don’t think its unreasonable for him to temporarily forget that there is someone asleep in the ship’s other room. He had way more important things to do, like escape sudden death.
No, I don’t think that roguish asshole is all that unique of a character base for Quill, but I don’t think he is as 1 dimensional or obvious as that either. He is an asshole to everyone, he just happened to be straight and that’s why there was a girl in the beginning. It didn’t mean anything. He basically shits on everyone throughout the whole movie.